Flexible Tangle Kaleidocycle: How To

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Ok, sometimes the hardest part of writing a post has the easiest solution… like JUST DO IT.  I believe this is true with life as well. Sometimes we make things far more challenging in our heads than they turn out to be in action. I know I have been guilty more than once… and especially with this post.

Luckily I found Zentangle, and the more I practice, the more I realize that often the hardest part is the first step. That’s why the Zentangle© Method begins with simple dots in the corner of the tile –  to get us past the fear of starting. Now, if I transfer that to other areas of my life and find that one simple step that gets everything started and into the flow… imagine how much more could be accomplished!

I take a couple of these kaleidocycles with me whenever I’m going to talk about Zentangle, and everyone always loves them. A person can get lost watching the patterns come together. Since they are such a fun and intriguing project, I thought it would be great to share the template and a few instructions on how to put them together. Be warned, the folding and gluing are the hardest part. I recommend using a hot glue gun or maybe a glue stick because the glue dries faster. Holding everything together and waiting for the Elmer’s to dry could be a practice in patience.


INSTRUCTIONS: Print the template from the link below.

1. Using diagonal lines as a “string”, draw different ZENTANGLE® patterns in each row of triangles connecting the designs at the tick marks. Refer to pattern guide on template for row layout.

2. Cut along the bold outside line.

3. Fold and crease dashed lines – folding the front sides of the paper together. Unfold.

4. Fold and crease solid diagonal lines – folding the back sides together. Unfold.

5. Gently roll paper together connecting the dots and aligning the points to form a tube.

6. Add glue on sections marked GLUE , press together, and hold until dry. (Hot glue works well.)

7. Tuck solid end tabs into inside of tube to form opening. Add glue on dashed end tabs and slide into open end of tube. Press to seal.


I hope you enjoy your Kaleidocycle! If you have any questions, post them below and I will answer.


Download Template (Click Here)




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