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Tangle PatternSite LinkCZT / DesignerMyNotes
Jeewelsflicker.com/photos/skinnystraycatLivia Chua
Japonicalifeimitatesdoodles.blogspot.comSandra Strait
Half Onionsflickr.com/photos/skinnystraycatLivia Chua
Drogonzenlilymoon.blogspot.comLily Moon
Batumberthepathuntangled.comKelley Kelly, CZT
B'twineddomoreart.comPegi Schargel, CZT
Andantezenlilymoon.blogspot.comLily Moon
Amphorazenlilymoon.blogspot.comLily Moon
Sea Wavetanglepatterns.comGinny Lu
Besides that fact that we all enjoy Zentangle and tend to be a friendly group of people who like to share our artistic adventures, I have no direct affiliation with any sites on this list. It's just a simple list of links to Zentangle Patterns that I like and/or want to try in the future combined in a way that can be searched and sorted. My overly analytical left brain loves it!

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